About me and why the blog

I am someone who has struggled, wrestled and fought with the food-dragon all my life. Memories of when I didn’t just don’t exist. The reason for the whole schlamassel with food is multifaceted and started very early on. Now, I am not going to play the Blame Cards. It does not matter to me anymore of who did what and when and why and where and how. The subject is obsolete, moot and I really don’t want to bore you. Suffice to say that my years from 0 to 40 were unpleasant in the extreme and burdensome. Mental health and behavioral problems, and eating disorders and a divorce were the result.

The upside, yes, there is an upside, is that I have learned so much about compassion for those who fall outside the norm, about myself and just how strong I can be,  that education about the issues I face is crucial and that it is my responsibility to apply those lessons to my life. So, this blog is my ‘taking action’, my ‘occupational therapy’, my ‘taking responsibility’.

I do not know whom I reach with this, nor who will read it. And I, no offence, do not care about how it is received. It it happens to help someone, then that is a bonus and you are welcome. If it is dismissed, then that is also OK and you are welcome. IF you should need someone to talk to about your food struggles or would like help to implement a vegan diet, then you are welcome to contact me.
(leave me a comment. I have not worked out how to add a contact form lol)


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