If at first I don’t succeed… I get seriously bothered.

May 17, 2015, Day 1

Again… or is it Still?

Meh. I am beyond caring. I am too old and too ugly to. All my life I have struggled and fought with, tried to ignore, cried over and loads of other things ….my weight. This year I turned 50 and I am still at it, trying again to get a grip.

Day 1 has arrived once again. This time however I will stop beating myself up about past failures. My attention, strength and efforts are so diluted by all those little battles going on in my life; I never get to win the war that I have fought as long as I can remember: My Weight War. I could list all the terrible things  that screwed me up and then make yet another list for all the things which turned out to be my saving graces. I’ve been there, done that and learned that in the end it is my attitude, how I deal with it all, that ultimately makes the crucial difference and helps me to win that pesky war. So, firstly, I have re-read The End of Overeating by David A. Kessler and it was very insightful and empowering. I would recommend everybody educate themselves by reading this book. Secondly, I will rewatch all the Dr John McDougall lectures. I have all the cookbooks and will actually start using them. Thirdly, since I can not exercise I will make time each day to meditate on being grateful for what I can do, and nurture a positive attitude in general.  I won’t be going without coffee, tea or squash but I will be reducing my intake quite a bit. So, what have I had today?

Breakfast: none …. had a really long cuddle up with my amazing hubby. Time well spent!

Lunch:  Porridge

Dinner:  Potato Mash, Golden Gravy with TVP & Onions, Peas & Sweetcorn;

Drinks: 750 ml squash, 3 coffees with soy milk.


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