Two To Toulouse ….

May 18, 2015, Day 2

Day 2 . I am not altogether sure that it has sunk in properly yet that I am trying to shed all these extra pounds again. I feel a bit suspicious. . . mainly because I am not going frantic by now. Last night I had a bowl of mixed salad (Off Plan) and I didn’t do the guilt thing. You might say ” Well D’uh! Nobody goes crazy over having some unplanned salad-lushing.”. But that is where you are wrong. I used to and quiet frequently. So I am claiming this as a li’l bitty victory. Today went well, too.

Breakfast: Porridge

Lunch: Porridge, 1 Apple;

Supper: 3 inches Cucumber, 4 Tomatoes;

Dinner: Pasta, Bolognese Sauce, 1 Banana;

Drinks: 750 ml Water, 350 ml squash, 2 Coffee & Soy Milk;


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