May 20, 2015, Day 4

NOW , well yesterday, … kinda… I slipped up. There. I said it.

I got up nice and early and everything was great.. till about an hour after lunch. Then I got an attack of the Muncharoos; that’s where you keep hopping back to your food-source of choice. Mine was 1 litre of bean soup, 5 slices of wholemeal bread (one with hummus). Dinnertime came around and I had bean soup and all was well until I made school lunches when I had garlic & onion dip NOT VEGAN, some cheese NOT VEGAN, 3 slices of white bread… and a bit of cake-gone-wrong I made for my niece. Shocking right?!  Today my head and my innards are not feeling too great. Not shocking!

BUT… and here comes the silver lining… I have not listened to my Two Ugly Sisters; Bulimia and Anorexia. Aha… who’s bad? BITE ME!!! (doing a li’l dance) We have done battle now for 39 years and I am finally winning this particular battle. So, YAY FOR ME! despite yesterday’s Muncharoo-Gate.

So, its time now to re-group, gather myself and carry on regardless.

Breakfast: Porridge

Lunch: Porridge

Dinner: Bean Soup

Drinks: 2 cups of Coffee & Soya Milk, 750 ml Water;

PLUS all the Muncharoos listed above.


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