14 lbs = 1 st = 6.35 kg

May 30, 2015, Day 14

My first big goal always used to be to lose 1 st, 14 lbs. Not this time. This time my first big goal is to eat right,  and the lbs, st and kg will take care of themselves. Do let the numbers on the scales become a millstone round your neck!

I always became obsessed with the number on the scales, somehow they made me either a good or bad person a winner or a loser. This time round I have let go of these notions. A number will not define me as a person. That is a huge step for me. Better late than never!

Breakfast: none

Lunch: 2 Vegan Cheese Toasties (Fat Free)

Dinner: 2 Vegan Cheese Toasties (Fat Free)

Supper: 1 slice Fat Free Marshmallow Cake (Vegan), 1 Fat Free Truffle, 1 Vegan Meringue.

Drinks: 3 cups of Coffee & Soy Milk, 750 ml Water, 1 double Whiskey

Note: The Extras were from Nickie’s birthday


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