June 1, 2015, Day 16

Atomic number 16. Today is day 16 and we are going to look at some vegetables with plenty of sulfur. Why eat it? Just look HERE!

Foods High in Sulfur

Sulfur is found in all food that is protein-based, and no recommended dietary allowance has been established for its intake. But eating sulfur-rich foods will increase and amplify the benefits of this often overlooked nutrient. Eating whole food is the best way to get the nutritional value of a food, but supplements offer another option.







Cruciferous vegetables like cabbage, kale, broccoli, cauliflower, and kohlrabi contain glucosinolates which are sulfur-containing nutrients. In addition, cruciferous vegetables offer other vitamins, nutrients and fibers that are important to your health. Other vegetables high in sulfur include collard greens, kale, bok choy, watercress, mustard, Brussels sprouts, split peas, tomatoes, sweet potato, jicama, turnips, avocados, parsley, spinach, and asparagus. Fruits like watermelon, pineapple, coconut, and bananas are high in sulfur.

Garlic and Onions


Garlic, onions, leeks, chives, shallots are high in sulfur containing compounds that can prevent blood clots and lower cholesterol. The compounds – ally sulfide and sulfoxides – can also repair connective tissue and ease arthritis and respiratory allergies.



Vegans can use legumes like soybeans, lentils, and other dry beans to obtain sulfur. Since soybeans offer a range of other nutritional values in addition to sulfur, try substituting tofu instead of animal flesh.

Breakfast: Porridge

Lunch: 2 Fat Free Vegan Cheese Sandwich

Dinner: Pasta & Sauce

Drinks: 3 cups of Coffee & Soy Milk, 750 ml Water


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