Family Matters on Day 18

June 3, 2015, Day 18

You can’t choose your family but you CAN choose your fruit & veggies.

Did you know, in ancient Roman custom the number 18 can symbolize a blood relative?
aherm…. or a bloody relative   …. you know what I mean.

But where would we be without them? Well, I guess depending on how we get on with them, it could be ‘Paradise’ or sheer ‘Hell’. In either case, you would want to feed them well to keep them well, so that you can either relax  OR spar with them for many, many… MANY happy… years… to come.

Joking aside, I wish I had grown up with this way of eating, and I wish that I had brought my kids up this way from the start. I would have been healthier and happier and kinder to the animals and the environment.
If you love those nearest to you (or even if you don’t) I am sure you wouldn’t want to slowly poison them.

Some things we can change. Some we can’t. We are not responsible for other people’s choices. But we are for our own. Lead by example. Make healthy choices. You may not be heard but you will be seen!

Breakfast: none

Lunch: Matoke & Plantain Stew

Dinner: Pupusas

Drinks: 3 cups of Coffee & Soy Milk, 750ml Water


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