K 19 Day 19 K 19 Day 19 K 19 Day 19 K 19

June 4, 2015, Day 19

What IS the crazy lady taking about?! Potassium, my friend. Potassium.
19 is the atomic number of Potassium and the K comes from the neo-latin word Kalium.
It was first isolated from plant ashes, potash, which gave the element its name, Potassium.
Potassium is necessary for the functioning of all living cells and a key mechanism in nerve transmission,
Potassium depletion results in cardiac dysfunction.
Potassium collects in the cells of plants of fruit and vegetables.
It is present in most fruits and vegetables but is even more plentiful in yams, parsley, dried apricots, potatoes, bamboo shoots, avocados, bananas, coconut water, soy beans, bran, and nuts (especially almonds and pistachios).

Now, aren’t you glad you read this? I know. Amazing! Right?

Breakfast: none

Lunch: Matoke & Plantain Stew

Dinner: Rice, Dhal, Courgettes, Chapatti

Drinks: 3 cups of Coffee & Soy Milk, 750 ml Water


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