June 11, 2015,                                            Day 26

Make sure you get your daily ration.

Even the very best nutrition advice won’t do you any good if you are not motivated to follow it. Only you know what shape that motivation will take? Personally, I am a hunter-gatherer. I look all over the place for it.

Books, DVDs, Magazines, Youtube Videos, Self-Affirmation in front of a mirror, my Faith and even writing this Blog helps me to keep motivated. But one of the most important motivation tool I have is ‘Accountability’. It anchors me to the reality of my situation and my actions.

Being a wife and a mother brings with it more responsibilities. My actions no longer affect just me but 3 other people. Setting a healthy example for our 2 children is so important to me. I do not want them to suffer the weight related issues I did for most of my life. And my husband. He should not have to push more weight in this wheelchair of mine than he has to and he deserves to eat healthily to maintain his own health.

Obesity is very rarely a one-person show. Obesity affects families, friendships and ultimately society. That is why ‘Accountability’ is so important to me. When I look back and think on the mountain of food I ate and then fed to the toilet bowl, when I think of how hard my husband has to work to push me around, when I think that my children could suffer the indignity of being obese… all because of my actions, I get angry with myself. To me…

-It is perverse. Millions starve and this is what I did.

-It is selfish. My children deserve a parent who is a good example.

-It is unfair. My husband ought to have a wife and not a patient.

-It is anti-social. Society should not have to pay because I can not be bothered to do my very best to help myself.

I am not saying that obese people should receive no help. But what I, as an obese person, am saying is that I have to be the one to grab the bull by the horns firmly and say, “NO MORE!”.

Whatever the reason for anyone’s obesity is, with that obesity comes a responsibility to address the reasons for it and get back to good health.

Help is out there and I will avail myself of it BUT ultimately the only one to help me is MYSELF.

Breakfast: Porridge

Lunch: Sourdough Buns with Seitan, Fat-free Vegan Cheese & Green Leafy Salad

Dinner: Lancashire Hotpot

Drinks: 3 cups of Coffee & Soy Milk


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