Cheese. Its a Killer!

June 22, 2015, Day 37

Breakfast: Porridge

Lunch: 2 Reibekuchen, Vegan Cheese, Coleslaw

Dinner: Pasta Bake, Coleslaw

Drink: 3 cups of Coffee, 1.5 l Water

When I first became a Vegan, out of all the things I stopped eating Cheese was the one that was hardest to give up and the one I craved the worst. Thinking back it still strikes me as insane that I would crave something so harmful to health and environment, and so unethical from an animal welfare point of view but I did. I really craved it with a passion, to a point where I would throw all caution and scruples to the wind and had a “Cheese Fest”.

Hindsight, it is said, is a wonderful thing. Well, that is so wrong. It was anything but wonderful. Knowing exactly what it takes to make cheese, hindsight brought guild, and sorrow and even pain; emotional and physical.

The thought of having caused suffering to helpless, defenceless sentient beings tied my gut into knots and twisted my heart into knots.

Was I being needlessly hard on myself No, I don’t think so.

If humans where to be treated and used like dairy cows there would be such a global outcry of horror and hate, but animals have no voices, can not speak our language to complain.

I no longer crave animal produce, not even the cheese. When I see a cheese counter, I see calves ripped away from their mothers, the male calves killed for meat, the female ones raised to follow in their mother’s footsteps. That meaning being kept pregnant constantly for a few years, being pumped full with antibiotics and substances that increases their milk production, never seeing the outside of the shed till they are too old. Then, slaughter.

Dark Yes. Yes, it is. But this is the reality of the dairy industry.

All this horror only so we can satisfy our taste buds. We feast on suffering when we consume dairy.

Those who live by the sword will die by the sword.” Matthew 26: 52

The suffering we inflict will cause us suffering in return.

The fact that the milk, flesh, offspring, freedom and life taken from dairy cows is poisonous to our body & mind, and the fact that it causes a plethora of illnesses, suffering and even the death of those who cause their suffering & death maybe of comfort to the poor animals. But unlike us, they are not so hateful as to wish us harm. The victims are more humane than we as human beings.

To treat any helpless, defenceless sentient being the way we treat dairy cows is nothing short of heartless blood lust. I , as a human, feel ashamed of my part in it all and regretful. I as a human, am ashamed to be part of the human species. We have a lot to answer for.


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