My Beef with Meat

June 25, 2015, Day 40
Click ->The Website the Meat Industry Doesn’t Want You to See<- for the truth.
Click -> How to go Vegan <- if you do not want to be part of the above.

Breakfast: none

Lunch: Porridge

Dinner: Potatoes, Carrots, Seitan Steak, Onion & Garlic Gravy, Grapefruit

Drinks: 3 cups of Coffee & Soy Milk, 1.5 l Water

I was totally stuck as to what today’s theme should be. It is now 17:36 o’clock and we have just finished our dinner.

So I finally decided to make today’s theme …

‘Vegan Meat Substitutes’.

You can make this as easy or as labourious as you like.

You can make this healthy or unhealthy.

1)At the simplest end you can buy meat substitutes ready

made.Just warm up (if need be) and you are ready to go.

You can get burgers, sausages,steaks, meatles balls,chunks,

mince, pate, sandwich slices, fishless cakes, nuggets etc.

  1. Then there are the ‘Just Add Water,Shape & Cook’ Mix options for burgers, sausages, chili, bolognese etc.
  2. TVP = textured vegetable protein. It needs to be rehydrated before you use it like you would meat.

4)Vital Wheat Gluten is a flour that you mix with

flavouring and liquids to form a dough that you then

further process into ‘Fake Meat’. It is also known as

Wheat Meat and has a long history as a meat substitute.

5)Tofu & Tempeh. They pretty much take on any flavour

you put with them and they are soooo versatile. Tofu

especially, is equally at home in savoury and sweet

recipes. Tofu & Tempeh have been value as a protein for


6)Legumes are possibly the healthiest of all the meat

substitues. Legumes are beans, peas and lentils. There

are goodness knows how many different legumes that you

can work into burgers,sausages, meatless balls, mince etc.

7)A combination of some of the above mentioned. You can

even throw some raw or cooked veggies in there as well.

So, as you can see there really is no need to feel or be left out.

There is a cornucopia of web-sites with as many meat substitute recipes as there are stars in the night sky. If that is not enough, there are loads of cookbooks you can purchase to help you.

There is one thing I would like to say though;

Keep whatever you decide to go with very low fat or even better, no added fat. Most of the ready-kind-of stuff contains a lot of fat and other undesirable stuff. Bon Appetit!


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